Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

The new "Animal and Plant Biosecurity Act, 2014",  which repealed and replaced the "Animals (Diseases and Imports) Act 1981" and the "Plant Protection Act 1996", ensures full conformity with the requirements of the WTO SPS Agreement, the IPPC and the OIE, to which Seychelles is party, recognizing measures undertaken on the basis of scientific evidence.
The "Animal and Plant Biosecurity Act, 2014" regulated all aspects of animal and plant health (excluding animal welfare and veterinary drugs) and matters related to human health and food safety, except for those falling within the scope of the IPPC or the OIE (e.g. zoonosis), as these were covered under the "Food Act, 2014"  and the "Public Health Act 1960".  

In accordance with the "Animal and Plant Biosecurity Act, 2014", plants and plant products, as well as animals and animal products, are subject to import licence requirements, based on risk assessment in accordance with IPPC and OIE standards.

The new "Food Act, 2014" which was enacted on 15 April 2014, repealed and replaced the "Food Act 1987".  During the legislative review, the main area of focus was food importation, e.g. temperature control, labelling, enforcement and penalties.

Sanitary & Phytosanitary Measures
Act 8 Food Bill 2014 188 Ko
Animal and Plant Biosecurity Act, 2014 480 Ko